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  • I have been killing rustfeather on all my alts everyday and I noticed after the first character kill of the day all subsequent kills it missings the rare icon / indicator. I thought maybe it's once per account, however yesterday the mount dropped on my 5th try of the day, not sure why the rare icon was missing (both the dragon and star indicator).
  • A New Reign added a new type of feather to Don't Starve Together, the Saffron Feather, which is dropped by killing Canaries (5% chance) and used to craft Electric classical.chartgenie.netinfor way to obtain Saffron Feathers is to bring Canaries to the classical.chartgenie.netinfo Canaries will be poisoned after spending some time in a Birdcage in the Caves. After they are poisoned, they will drop Saffron Feathers if they.
  • Caves return with their 3rd full length LP, "Always Why" out on Dead Broke/Specialist Subject/Yo-Yo Records on April 28th, This new album is a big change in songwriting style for Caves, now writing remotely via GarageBand demo exchanges, with band members split between the UK and USA (rather than their previous home, Bristol).
  • Scratching Birds are worrisome. No one wants their pet to be uncomfortable nor do they want the problem to progress to a feather plucking problem. Learn 5 easy tips that will help your scratching bird get quick relief while improving feather condition.

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