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  • Sunlightsquare Latin Combo, Category: Artist, Albums: Havana Central, Top Tracks: I Believe In Miracles, El Pollo De Carlitos, Para Guarachar, Chan Chan Boogaloo.
  • Title track "Havana Central" settles nicely into a groove, giving ample space for the soloists to show off and also keeping things tight with some sung choruses. First single "I Believe In Miracles" will be the jewel in the crown though for funk fans.
  • The Sunlightsquare Latin Combo project sees Claudio Passavanti embrace his love for Cuban music and along with the help of local producer Antonio Rodriguez Sr. he was able to book a session at the historical Studio 4 of Radio Rebelde in Cuba (the station was set up in by Che Guevara). The album was recorded through the hurricanes Gustav, Hannah and Ike.
  • In , Claudio Passavanti recorded a live album in Havana (Cuba) at Radio Rebelde's recording studios, released in February under the name 'Sunlightsquare Latin Combo'. Havana Central obtained critical acclaim; Blues & Soul magazine described it as "superb". BBC magazine reviewed his album Britannia Shing-A-Ling as "a triumph".Genres: Neo soul, nu jazz, boogaloo, salsa, house.
  • Contains a latin take on 'I Believe In Miracles', made famous by the Jackson Sisters! Sunlightsquareare a multi genre crossing band, fusing Latin, nu-jazz, soul, reggaeton, funk and Salsa inspired music to create innovative grooves, branding them as one of the most exciting acts to spawn from the London Jazz scene in recent times.
  • The seismic activity that comes from SunlightSquare Latin Combo on Havana Central was in fact a cracking session that the ensemble recorded over on the sunshine isle—no not Her Majesty’s territories at all, but Che’s and Fidel’s. There can be no doubt that a Brit combo like SLC would have been transformed by the flights of musical fancy.
  • Sunlightsquare proudly presents its critically acclaimed release 'Havana Central', a scorching album ripe with stunning authentic Latin-Jazz grooves, oozing with a dramatic tapestry of sun-kissed percussive rhythms, fiery brass, and infectious salsa keys, and featuring the crème de la crème of musicians from the Latin world of music.

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