Run For Your Life - The Beatles - The Beatles Su Dischi Parlophon Vol.3

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  • The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl - 6 maggio è stato registrato in tre concerti differenti dei Beatles all'Hollywood Bowl, e pubblicato per contrastare l'uscita del live ad Amburgo.; Live at the BBC - 30 novembre 69 brani registrati dal vivo per vari show della classical.chartgenie.netinfoante perché unico documento ufficiale dal vivo (escludendo i brani di Let It Be - Un giorno con i Beatles), e.
  • The Beatles - Discografia Completa con tutti gli album in ordine cronologico di uscita e i Testi delle canzoni per ciascun album su Musicalstore.
  • The Beatles. Band, * GB, Liverpool Rock and Pop A.k.a. Los Grillos (7) The Beat Brothers (2) The Fab Four The Quarrymen The Threetles. British rock/pop group, formed in .
  • Jan 18,  · What the track does contain is the Beatles’ patented tight harmonies, most evident in the chorus: You’d better run for your life if you can, little girl, Hide your head in the sand, little girl, Catch you with another man, That’s the end ah, little girl.
  • The Beatles' Italian singles. quaderno zero. 1. 1. Parlophon QMSP Parlophon QMSP green label: dark blue label. white label: dark green: black reiusse Please Please Me Run For Your Life Michelle: Run For Your Life Michelle: Run For Your Life Michelle.
  • Jun 12,  · The Beatles 6. Rubber Soul 7. Help! 8. A Hard Day's Night 9. Please Please Me With the Beatles Beatles for Sale Non conosco tutti i loro dischi. Quelli che ho sono in questo ordine di preferenza Ho visto un documentario da amici padovani su George Harrison. Bellissimo, interessante e soprattutto mi ha fatto sentire i primissimi.
  • Oct 29,  · That's very well put: "You Can't Do That" gone psycho! Lennon was originally inspired by Elvis' "Baby Let's Play House" from where he lifted the lines 'I'd rather see you dead than to be with another man' but as he wrote the song that inspiration became less important - perhaps that is why he didn't like "Run For Your Life" himself.
  • "Run for Your Life" is a song recorded by the Beatles for their album Rubber Soul. The song, while credited to " Lennon–McCartney ", was primarily a John Lennon composition. Please note the text from Wikipedia is imported without editing or classical.chartgenie.netinfo: Folk rock, pop rock.

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